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Welcome to a human edited credit card resource and your independent source for all things credit card related.

What We Do

We strive to provide visitors with valuable information on all credit cards, which they will need in order to make an educated decision when choosing. We also research each card's interest rate, fees, credit rating required for approval, customer service phone number, links to online bill payment, and more.

Why We Are Different

This is an independently owned website; we do receive revenue from the Ads displayed on the website, but we do not use affiliate advertising, which can be much more manipulative, and the Ads on this site do not interfere with our editorials or our reviews.

We review each card honestly and thoroughly, reading through all of the fine print and pointing out any danger signs, whether it be lackluster rewards or an high interest rate. We don't try to steer visitors to any specific card, our loyalty lies with the consumers; we merely show them the facts and let them decide.

Other sites try to suggest cards based solely on higher affiliate commissions; we are not one of them!

If you come across a word you aren't sure about; read our credit card dictionary where we define most financial terms.

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Financial News

Coin The Crowd Funded Credit Card Release Date Fall 2015

Coin the crowd funded credit card device is now available for preorder! After missing several release dates the public can finally purchase their own Coin.

Citi Reaches Agreement with CostCo to Issue Credit Cards

Financial analysts have been chomping at the bit in anticipation of who would scoop up the CostCo credit card portfolio after American Express failed to renew their contract. The wait is finally over as Citi announced on March 2, 2015 that they're the apparent new partner and will issue VISA CostCo cards beginning April 1, 2016.

Staples to Acquire Office Depot

Staples is set to buyout their rival Office Depot to become the biggest retailer in the office supply market.

American Express, CostCo End 16 Year Exclusivity Contract

Making headlines on February 12th 2015; American Express and Costco will not renew their exclusivity contract which gave AmEx the sole credit card accepted at CostCo stores. The contract expires on March 31, 2016.

US Airways BusinessCard with No Annual Fee Expired

The US Airways BusinessCard with no annual fee expired June, 2014.

Website Updates/News

  • Comparison and Visitor Review Features!

    Now you can compare credit cards simply with a couple of clicks! Each credit card listing contains a compare button underneath the title. After you click on this button a new window appears at the bottom of the screen.

  • A Look Back on My First Year on Twitter

    When 2013 began, I set a goal of learning how to use Twitter and gain a better understanding of how the social website works. I started with a simple premise of making at least one tweet or retweet a day, every weekday. I was a total novice, and I first created the account for @CreditCardAssoc in late 2011. I made a couple of tweets, but left it dormant for a year before I figured out how it could be useful for my website.

  • The Addition of Citations

    In an attempt to foster the spread of knowledge, we will be introducing citations to each of our articles and reviews in the next couple of weeks. We believe that this will not only offer our visitors a greater connectivity with other online resources, but also demonstrate how to use them.

  • Review Format Update

    To better serve you, we are in the process of updating our review formatting for all credit, prepaid and gift cards. The reviews will be divided into four parts for our user's convenience as detailed below; and in addition, each will feature a brief description of the advantages associated with the card, and a comprehensive comparison to the other cards in its class as well as our very own rating system based on a possible five stars for easy ranking.