Kohls Credit Card

Written by Steven Merkel

Kohl's Charge Card





N/A N/A 21.90% None


  • Receive 10% off your purchase the day you apply
  • Exclusive discounts and coupons throughout the year
  • Coupons range from 15%, 20%, 30% off entire purchase
  • $10 gift card for signing up for paperless statements
Kohl's charge card

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Issuer: Capital One


The department store, Kohl's, offers a basic charge card that is issued by Capital One.

Where Can I Use It

At any Kohl's department store and online at[1].


Currently 21.90%[2]

This card, like many retail store cards doesn't come with an introductory interest rate. If you don't pay your balance in full before the grace period is up you will be hit with a pretty high interest rate at 21.90%. The initial credit limit is based on your credit history; when I applied for the card my limit was $1500.00 and I have a pretty good credit score, so don't expect to get a high limit on a charge card. Also, you can't transfer a balance to this account since it is a charge card.

Store Reward

The Kohl's card doesn't have a rewards program, but it does come with special discounts and coupons that you will receive in the mail every month that are only usable with your card. If you apply in store you receive fifteen percent off your purchase. Also if you are a Kohl's associate, the employee discount (usually about 15%) can stack with most any discounts and coupons.

If you make $600 worth of charges in a year you are upgraded to Most Valued Customer status, which gives you the added benefits of a $10 gift card for your birthday and you can choose up to 6 days to shop with extra savings.

Who This Card is For

If you are a smart shopper that likes Kohl's apparel and can take advantage of coupons and sales then this card might be for you. If you work at one of their stores then this card is worthwhile because you can stack your employee discount with the cards.

Overall Recommendation

If you aren't a regular customer or you only shop there occasionally, you can find a much better rewards card and one with a lower interest rate, but note that you cannot use the coupons without using a charge card. Just make sure to not carry a balance on this credit card since the interest rate is over twenty percent.


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