Mission Statement

Provide accurate and concise information about consumer credit cards. Help visitors understand the importance of using a credit account responsibly.


CreditCardAssociate.com was founded by Steven Merkel on June 2006 after designing a quick mockup for a credit card resource website. Steven had previously developed the website Zses.com that garnered much attention on the Internet and around college campuses in its heyday.

CreditCardAssociate.com began as a small website that focused on helping college students find credit cards with low interest rates that build credit rather than wrecking it. Over the years it has grown into a larger credit card resource with a comprehensive comparison tool. 

Initially built on Yahoo! SiteBuilder the website has gone through many iterations. After the notorious Google Penguin update it was decided that in-order to remain relevant the website would need to be moved to a web 2.0 compliant CMS. Steven looked into what was available at the time and chose Joomla! as the website's CMS. 

The first migration to the Joomla! platform began in earnest in October 2011. After first Steven had to familiarize himself with the new platform. This ended up taking longer than anticipated, but after months of hard work the website completed it's move to Joomla! 2.5 in May of 2012.  Steven was having trouble with Yahoo! webhosting and ended up moving to a new webhost as well.

This migration went fairly well, but unfortunately Joomla! 2.5 wasn't fully compatible with the emerging smartphone market. The move to Joomla! 3.0 was underway in February 2014 and finished in April the same year. This brought about content bloat with blogs and forums as Steven wasn't sure how to grow the website.

After spending time refining the credit card listings Steven began moving CreditCardAssociate.com over to Joomla! 4.0 in October 2021. The decision to migrate the website to 4.0 was difficult as it would entail the website being fully reset. The move finished in December of the same year.