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Provide accurate and concise information about consumer credit cards and help visitors understand the importance of using a credit account responsibly.

History was started by Steven Merkel on June 2006. It began as a small website that focused on helping college students find credit cards with low interest rates that build credit, instead of wrecking it.  Over the years it's grown to an online credit card resource with reviews and comprehensive comparisons of dozens of consumer credit, gift, and prepaid cards.

Founder Steven Merkel says, "I'd worked on one other website during my last year at the University of Cincinnati, before I began building my credit card site in the summer of 2006, nearly a year after I graduated. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do this time, having learned a few tricks of the trade, so I was inspired to get the first draft of my website up and running by the university welcome week in the fall, when the campus would be filled with tents, vendors and their sponsors; often times it was banks and credit card companies."

I knew how much they preyed on the unsuspecting new students, trying to persuade them to sign-up for as many credit cards as they could.  I wanted to help students understand the dangers of opening multiple credit accounts and teach them the responsibility it takes to build a good credit score.

Since this site's inception, I have dedicated many hours to helping young America in their struggles with finance, with the hope that I can at least arm them with the means to prevent out of control debt.

Steven Merkel Founder find me on LinkedIn
Education: University of Cincinnati BBA

Queli Merkel Editor
Education: Wright State University BA