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Frequent Flyer Credit Cards has a list of many different frequent flyer credit cards. Each card listed has a brief description of he introductory APR, how long the intro APR lasts, what the new APR is after the intro expires, the annual fee, and the rewards program. Using this kind of credit card allows you to earn plane tickets by spending money with your card. And some cards even allow you to earn up to one mile per dollar spent.

No Annual Fee Credit Card Advice

There are several types of no annual fee credit cards; this would include cash back, college student, gas rewards, some auto rewards, and some travel reward credit cards. We have several no annual fee credit cards listed.

Some types of credit cards however will always have an annual fee, like airline and prepaid. The reason why these cards have an annual fee is that it costs more for the credit card company to provide these types of credit cards.

How to Activate Your Credit Card

I receive many emails asking how to activate a new credit card. The easiest and most common way to activate your card is to call the 1-800 phone number on the sticker, and call from the number you gave when you applied. This sticker can be found on the front of your credit card and you should not remove it before you have activated, you may forget and try to use it. If you put down a fake home phone number when you applied you might have a problem activating your card. If this is the case I would call customer service.

Cash Reward Credit Card Advice

There are several cash reward credit cards that recommends. They each differ as far as the rewards and payment options are concerned.

A cash reward credit card is becoming one of the most popular kinds of credit cards, and for good reason. As long as you pay your balance in full you are getting a little discount on every purchase you make, but they are not created equal.

How to Setup Online Credit Card Payments

Setting up your online bill payments for your credit card might seem like a daunting task, but it’s really easy and can save you time and effort in the long run. Some items you will need on hand before you get started: credit card, checkbook, and a credit card statement.

Cash Back Credit Cards

I found an excellent article about cash back credit cards in Newsweek. It’s a short article giving some basic tips on credit card usage and how to earn the most cash back from different cards. In the article it lists the percentage you earn from purchases and why you should use that card. I’m going to lists the cards that were mentioned in the article. We also have reviews on many of the cards on our website.

Dispute A Charge On Your Credit Card

If you find that a charge on your credit card is incorrect, you can dispute it. Mistakes can happen in many ways. For instance, you can be charged twice for an item, a server at a restaurant could exaggerate the tip, or your credit card could even be stolen.

After you discover a false charge on your statement, you should call the merchant first. The merchant phone number should be listed next to the charge. When you call the merchant make sure you have your receipt and credit card statement ready. If the merchant finds that there has been a mistake, then the charge can be retracted. You should then contact your credit card provider. Typically you can clear it up by contacting the merchant with the mistake.

Credit Card Rewards

Nowadays most credit cards have rewards. In this article I will describe the different kinds of rewards available. There are airline miles, auto, cash back, gas, and hotel/travel.

With an airline miles card you earn either points or miles for every purchase you make. Both can be exchanged for round trip airline tickets. Some cards give you bonus miles when you sign up, but you will have to look at each card carefully because their rewards vary.

Credit Card Offers

At we list as many credit card offers as we can find so you can find the one that's right for you. We also provide detailed reviews that include all the information you will need.

College Student Credit Card Advice

Getting a college student credit card is a good way to start off your credit on the right path. If you find a good card with a low APR, and you pay off your credit cards every month, then it will be easy to get good credit.

At we rate and review college student credit cards so you can find the one that's right for you. Let me start out by giving you some pointers on choosing a good college student credit card.

Apply for A Credit Card

It's easy to apply for a credit card at First we separate the cards based on type. Then we list the top cards for each type with a brief description. You can choose to read a more in depth review from our review pages.

To apply for a credit card you must first choose which kind you are interested in. Our categories: 0% balance transfer, airline miles, auto reward, business, cash reward, college student, gas reward, instant approval, no annual fee, poor credit, prepaid, and travel reward. Each category has a description of the cards, and if you aren't sure what kind of credit card you should apply for you can read our advice articles.