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Barclays Bank in Delaware issues over thirty-five different credit cards. They mostly issue cards for smaller chains of hotels and airlines, but also issue some cards for retail establishments and websites. Some of their clients include; Best Western, L.L. Bean, and Priceline.


You can make online payments with Barclays. After you register your account online and connect it with your card. All payments before seven PM in the Eastern Time zone are counted as being paid the same day, if it is after seven then it is counted as paid on tomorrow. Payments are posted two business days later. So don’t fret if you make a payment and check a couple hours later to see if it’s been posted and it hasn’t yet. This is pretty much the norm for online payments. I plan my payments a couple days ahead of the due date incase I have computer or Internet problems.

Customer Service

One thing I found troubling was their customer service hours. I know that major credit card issuers like American Express have their customer service lines open most of the time. But Barclays you can only call between six AM to two AM. I’m sure most people won’t need to call at three AM, but if you are like me; I am regularly up at that time and sometimes I need to make a credit card payment within the next few days. I’m just used to being able to call at anytime of the day. Their customer service number is 877-523-0478.