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Capital One Rewards

Capital One has always been an innovator when it comes to credit cards and rewards. They were one of the first credit card issuers to offer an introductory interest rate for new customers.

Capital One is frequently on the cutting edge of marketing their new credit cards with TV ads; for example, the catchy “What’s In Your Wallet?” campaign and the Capital One card lab recently in media. They are also continually refining their products and they have just added a new airline miles reward card called, the Venture card.

Airline Miles

With the new Venture cards in mind, you can be assured that they are always coming up with new cards that meet consumers’ demand. One card gives two miles per dollar and the other one gives 1.25 miles per dollar spent on purchases. The first one has an annual fee and the latter one doesn’t. So there is something for everyone.


They offer the No Hassle Cashback cards. There are two available and they both give two percent return on items bought at grocery stores and gas stations, and one percent back on everything else. They do not give a higher rate for purchases made at pharmacies like other major credit cards do. This seems like a glaring oversight to me. I think there are better cashback cards out there and I recommend you skip over what Capital One has to offer for this reward.

One thing to note is that Capital One only issues Visa and Mastercard. If you are a fan of American Express or Discover you might want to look at their rewards.