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The Union Plus credit card from Capital One offers three separate credit card offers; two of which are for applicants with excellent credit ratings, and the other is for those with a good credit rating.

The Rate Advantage account is for excellent credit and gives cardholders a lower interest rate than the other cards. The Cash Rewards account is for excellent credit and gives cardholders 1.5% cash back on all purchases. The Primary Access account is for good credit and gives cardholders flexible payment due dates.

All three account types come with the same Union Plus benefits of Hardship grants, rebates, and MasterCard identity theft protection. Please note this credit card is available only for union members.


Hardship Grants
Available after being a cardmember for 3 months
Paid out via check
Not required to pay them back
Disability Grant
$1,600 up to $2,700 for those that suffer a long-term illness or disability
Hospital Grant
Up to $1,200 for those with unreimbursed hospital charges
Job Loss Grant
Up to $500 for those who have been laid off or placed on furlough
Stike Grant
Up to $500 for those who are placed on strike or union-sanctioned lockout

Interest Rate

Purchases and Balance Transfers: 10.9%, 16.9%, or 20.9% - Rate Advantage
Purchases and Balance Transfers: 12.9%, 18.9%, or 22.74% - Cash Rewards
Purchases and Balance Transfers: 23.24% - Primary Access
Introductory Rate for Purchases and Balance Transfers: 0% for 15 months - Rate Advantage
Introductory Rate for Purchases and Balance Transfers: 0% for 12 months - Cash Reward
Cash Advance: 23.99%


Annual Fee: None
Balance Transfer: None for regular interest rate, 3% for promotion interest rate
Cash Advance: $10 or 4% of the amount advanced, whichever is greater
Late Payment: Up to $38


Apply Online, Apply by Phone: 1-800-522-4000
Issuer: Capital One
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