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This card is aimed at the next generation of Amazon fanbois.

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When I was looking for another job I decided to write my resume with the latest version of Microsoft Word, which I didn't have enough money to buy at the time. I chose to go with the monthly payment subscription.

Now I had a couple of credit cards; one was currently carrying a balance and another with nothing on it. I figured I could put the Office subscription on the card with nothing on it and pay if off every month so it wouldn't accrue interest.

Soon after I initiated the charge I received a notice from Capital One asking me if I wanted to sign up for paperless statements. I thought why not as I was only going to use this card for one thing I could save a few trees by going with eStatements for that card.

A couple of months pass by and I forget about paying the Capital One card that only had the Microsoft Office bill.

Another month goes by and then Capital One emails me a warning that 2 months of late payments are due. I realized I had completely forgotten about paying it off. I logged into my account that day to see I had two late charges; one for $10 and the other for $35 in addition to a couple of months of interest on the unpaid bill. I ended up paying off the entire amount due.

How did this happen? I'm a type of person that regularly checks my email, and not once did I see an email from Capital One with my statement.



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As a small business website owner I see my fair share of strange and interesting email spam messages.
I received one that I'm going to call, casino gorilla spam email the other day that I wanted to share.

When I read the first sentence I was tricked into thinking that this might be an actual meaningful message as it was complimenting my website. Then as I read further I understood that the spammer didn't have any personal details to praise. Right then I realized this was spam that he is potentially sending out to thousands of recipients.
The strange thing about this email was what it was asking for me to do, which was visit his website and point out ways to improve. The email doesn't provide a direct link, but recommends I google a phrase to find their website.
I never actually visited his website as I wasn't sure it was safe. So I don't know for sure what he was trying to accomplish.


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Welcome to the CreditCardAssociate forums.

I will be using this forum to post about website updates, credit card news and info, reward programs, scam alerts, memes and more!

I invite you to also share your stories, questions, and personal finance successes and failures.

I wanted to use a publishing device that I felt comfortable with and that would also be beneficial to website visitors and members. I have tried using blogging platforms to share credit card news and information, but I found I'm not that well suited to blogging.

I am a person that usually doesn't have much to say and forum posts can be brief with better interaction between posters than a long winded blog post with comments.

I will be adding more categories as I find worthwhile topics to post about.


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