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Dispute A Charge On Your Credit Card

If you find that a charge on your credit card is incorrect, you can dispute it. Mistakes can happen in many ways. For instance, you can be charged twice for an item, a server at a restaurant could exaggerate the tip, or your credit card could even be stolen.

After you discover a false charge on your statement, you should call the merchant first. The merchant phone number should be listed next to the charge. When you call the merchant make sure you have your receipt and credit card statement ready. If the merchant finds that there has been a mistake, then the charge can be retracted. You should then contact your credit card provider. Typically you can clear it up by contacting the merchant with the mistake.

If the merchant does not agree with you, and refuses to retract the charge you should call your provider directly. Credit card providers usually side with the customer if the claim is valid. A charge can be retracted even if the merchant denies your claim.

Disputing a charge with your provider should be virtually painless. As long as you have the proper paperwork then it will be easy. You should have a copy of your receipt faxed or mailed to your provider to start the process. In a few weeks you will receive a letter stating whether your claim has been approved.