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Expired Citibank Credit Card Offers

Listed on this page are Citibank credit card offers that have expired. They were previously listed in the credit card directory. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Citi Dividend Rewards Card Too Rich for Citigroup
Category: Cash Reward
Originally the Citi Dividend Platinum Select was designed to compete with other big named bank's cash back rewards credit cards that have similar perks. It turned out the rewards were too good for consumers and Citibank ceased issuing it. Current cardholders need to register before they can take advantage of a cash back bonus category which you can do online. This offer was later replaced with the newer Citi Double Cash card. Below is an image of this cards benefits when it was available.

Citi Dividend credit card expired benefits

Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card Offer Expired
Category: Hotel
The Citi Hilton Hhonors Reserve card is no longer being issued. American Express and Hilton announced a new partnership with co-branded credit cards, and is now the sole issuer of Hilton credit cards. The information below reflects the old credit card offered by Citibank.

Citi Hilton HHonors credit card expired benefits

Citi ThankYou Preferred for Students
Category: College Student

The Citi ThankYou Preferred credit card offer for college students is no longer available for new applicants. As their college student credit card offers have transformed over the years starting with Citibank switching from Visa to MasterCard for its debit and credit cards in March 2017. The closet card that bears a resemblance to this old credit offer is the Citi Rewards+ card. The information listed below shows what this credit card offer looked like from February 27, 2015, and does not reflect a present day credit card offer.

Citi ThankYou College Student credit card expired