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Vanilla Visa gift card 2021


The Vanilla Visa is a gift card that can be used as a regular debit card for in-store and online purchases. To make a purchase in-store all you need to do is swipe the card and complete the transaction as a debit card. In order to complete an online order select debit or credit as payment type, do not select gift card. Complete transaction as with a normal credit or debit card. Please keep in mind this card account can only be used for purchases within the United States this includes online merchants.

Ensure that your account has enough funds before trying to make a purchase by checking your balance online. You will not be able to use the card if the amount you wish to buy is greater than your Vanilla Visa card balance.


  • No monthly service fees
  • Useable in the United States only
  • Cannot be used at ATMs
  • Online orders are limited to $500 per gift card balance


Online Purchase Fee

Gift Card Amount: Fee
$10 up to $75: $2.95 fee
$100 up to $200: $3.95 fee
$300 up to $500: $5.95 fee

Shipping Cost

Standard: $1.95
Expedited: $8.95
Rush: $15.95

Orders greater than $200 are excluded from standard shipping.


Buy a Card Online at
Issuer: TBBK Card Services, Inc., MetaBank, N.A., or Sutton Bank
Cardholder agreement can vary per issuer
Choose your card to view the terms and conditions or type in your 8 digit card number on their website.
Customer Service Number is on the back of the card.
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