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Green Dot Prepaid MasterCard or Visa

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Green Dot Debit Visa Card 2021


Green Dot Bank offers many differing prepaid, debit, and bank accounts for consumers with varying fees and features. This particular prepaid offer is in regards to the Green Dot Prepaid MasterCard or Visa card. This card might be harder to find as it is one of Green Dot's older offerings, but it is useable with all the up-to-date features like App compatibility and direct deposit.

This card is only available in-stores and cannot be purchased online. This type of account can be used to make purchases wherever debit cards are accepted. Please keep in mind this is a prepaid credit card that has additional fees attached to it.


  • Available at retailars only
  • One of Green Dot's earlier card offers
  • Use the Green Dot app to check your balance for free
  • Accepted everywhere MasterCard or Visa debit is


Annual: None
Monthly: $7.95, waived if account loads $1,000 in previous month
ATM Withdrawal: $3.00
Cash Reload: Up to $5.95
Direct Deposit: None
Foreign Transaction: 3%


Sold only in stores Find a location near you
Issuer: Green Dot Bank
Activate a green dot card
Customer Service Number: 1-866-795-7597
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