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BP with Pump Rewards
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The BP with Pump rewards credit card is no longer being issued. During the 1st half of 2015 BP announced they were switching issuers of the credit card portfolio from Chase Bank to Sychrony.

With the change in issuers the BP with Pump rewards was replaced with the new BP Visa.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Purchases: 23.24%
Delinquency Rate: 29.99%

Credit Card Fees

Annual: None

Sign-up Bonus and Benefits

  • Earn $0.05 in rebates for every $100 spent
  • Rebates can be used to reduce the price of gas in increments of $0.01 off per gallon
  • Limited to 20 gallons of gas purchased when rebates are used
  • Rewards expire 12 months after being earned


The BP with Pump rewards credit card is no longer being issued, but you can apply for the BP Driver Rewards card.
Issuer: Chase Bank USA, N.A.
Where can I use this card? Only at BP gas stations and convenience store locations.
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