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Meijer MasterCard
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Mary D. shares her trouble with transferring a credit card balance through Comenity.
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Reviewed by Mary D April 27, 2018
Last updated: May 08, 2018

Mary D. shares her trouble with transferring a credit card balance through Comenity.

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I used their balance transfer offer on April 20 which was initiated on the phone with a Comenity agent. My credit limit is $8,250 and I asked for a $3,500 transfer to my Bank of America card for 0% interest and a 0% balance transfer fee. My balance on April 20 was about $1,250. By April 23, the balance transfer showed as pending. On April 24 it showed as pending AND my available credit was now ZERO. I started having transactions declined and called in on April 26. They had charged me for the $3500 AND were holding another $3500 as pending! They tied up double what I asked for! WHAT??? The supervisor agreed to increase my limit to $9,250 to make sure that my BCBS auto pay of $1000 would go through. Today (4/27), I called again because the online info still showed my available credit as zero. The second supervisor said that the pending $3,500 charge would "fall off" my account at midnight but the supervisor the day before was wrong in telling me that any new charges would be cleared. WHAT? How is this possibly good customer service to double charge me for a balance transfer for 4 days?! They've had past trouble with cards being declined at Menard's and have not been to quick to fix things. I'm not happy and once these charges clear will be closing this account in June. What a terrible way to do business! I'd rather earn 3% back on my groceries with a different, more reliable card.
Anyone who doesn't use this card as their only cc in case they have problems with it.

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Not competitive with other rewards cards that offer 3% back on groceries
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