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Fashion Bug Credit Card
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With the announcement of Ascena Retail Group Inc. purchasing Fashion Bug and subsequently deciding to close the remaining stores it's no surprise that Comenity Bank, formerly known as World Finanical Network will no longer be issuing new accounts. Current card members can still use their accounts to make purchases.

Credit Card Fees

No annual fee

Sign-up Bonus and Benefits

The benefits listed below do no reflect what is currently available to account holders. These were the benefits offered before Fashion Bug stores closed.
  • Quarterly certificates
  • Earn a $5 certificate for every $100 in card purchases
  • Redemption's capped at $120 each year, or $3000 worth of purchases
  • Certificates useable on sale prices, "Priced Just Right" items, and with bonus coupons


You cannot apply for this card as it is no longer being issued by Comenity LLC
Where can I use it? At Dress Barn, Maurices, Lane Bryant, and Catherines. Lane Bryant and Catherines also have their own brand of store cards.
Pay Your Bill Online
How Do I Cancel or Close my Account?
Contact customer serviceonline by phone: 866-907-5598

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Steven Merkel Reviewed by Steven Merkel May 14, 2014
Last updated: January 28, 2015
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Comenity Bank is not accepting new Fashion Bug credit accounts at this time as all of the stores will be closing soon. Many of their locations have been closed already and the few stores that are still operating will be closed shortly or converted to one of their other brands.
The diehard shopper that visits Fashion Bug at least once a month or more.

Is The Interest Rate Competitive

The APR is similar to other department store cards. Most of them have a higher than average interest rate and customers should be aware of this if they choose to apply for one.

How Do You Like the Rewards

You will earn a $5 certificate for every $100 that you spend on their merchandise. You can use these certificates in conjunction with sale prices, "Priced Just Right", and also with bonus coupons. There is an annual fee of $25 for the Fashion Bug Premier credit card, but it comes with a lot more benefits. With a premier membership, you will earn $10 for every $100 that you spend on their merchandise, you will save 50% off regular priced items, 30% on clearance prices during the Premier Private Sales periodically throughout the year, 15% extra during special Bonus days, and you will get your choice of gifts valued at $25 just for signing up. You will also receive a $5 certificate on your birthday. However there is one drawback, rewards are capped at $300 a year.
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