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Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card
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The Victoria's Secret Angel credit card is a store brand credit card that can be used towards purchases at Victoria's Secret retailers and outlets. This is a standard credit card offer that gives customers the usual perks with birthday treats, free shipping, and monthly shopping coupons. The sign-up bonus offer can vary throughout the year from as low as $15 up to $50. The holiday season is usually when they give the best sign-up bonus option.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing its surge across the United States, Victoria Secret like many retailers have moved more towards and online model for their supportive shoppers. This being the case cardmembers can now enjoy free shipping for online purchases $50 or greater when they use the coupon coded VCSHIP50 or PCSHIP50 as an additional perk.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Purchases: 24.99%
Minimum Interest Charge: $2.00

Credit Card Fees

No Annual Fee
Late Payment: As Much As $40.00

Sign-up Bonus and Benefits

Currently new card members receive $25 off online purchase of greater value.
Sign up bonus can vary throughout the year as the credit card offer changes.
Other bonuses in the past have been for $15 off first purchase.
Angel Rewards
Earn 1 point per dollar spent
Earn 3 points on all bra purchases
Coupon code VCSHIP50 or PCSHIP50 for free shipping on website orders above $50
250 points equals a $10 Angel reward certificate for Angel and VIP members
Forever members receive a $15 certificate for 250 points
Choose a triple points day
Points expire 12 months from the date they were earned
Angel Certificates
Expire 90 days from issuance
Can be used for new purchases only


Apply Online
Card Issuer: Comenity LLC
Where May I Use This Card? Only at Victoria Secret retail outlets and over the Internet at
Pay Your Bill Online

Editor review

The Victoria Secret Angel credit card gives their patrons a very good rewards program.
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Interest Rate (APR) 
Steven Merkel Reviewed by Steven Merkel May 07, 2014
Last updated: July 13, 2019
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The Victoria Secret Angel credit card gives their patrons a very good rewards program.

Do You Recommend This Credit Card?

This card is recommend to people who are frequent VS shoppers. The special offers are nice, but the reward points are what set this card above the average ones. The gift card rewards equal out to about 4% cash back. However this card has a very high APR, so you will need to pay this card off each month.
The most dedicated of Victoria's Secret shoppers will gain the most benefit from this card. If you find yourself purchasing the majority of your undergarments for yourself or a loved one at their stores or from their website you will receive a nice bonus of points with every purchase that in time will add up to gift cards for future purchases. The most savvy of shoppers should take advantage of their card specific coupon and sales events.

Is The Interest Rate Competitive

Like many store issued charge cards, the Victoria's Secret card has an interest rate that far concedes common sense, and with the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates at near historic highs it won't be getting any cheaper anytime soon.

How Do You Like the Rewards

For each dollar you spend with your card, you will earn 1 Angel Reward point. Once you accumulate 250 points you will reach Angel V.I.P. status and receive a $10 gift card. You will then get a $10 gift card for every 250 points you earn afterward. For the first six months, you will get special savings totaling over $100 when you open a Victoria's Secret card. Another benefit this card offers is exclusive mailings and discounts on VS products. Occasionally selected products will have free shipping or give cardholders bonus points. Receive an Angel Reward gift each year an account remains open and active. Please note that cardholders will need to make at least one purchase a year to remain active. If an account becomes inactive it will forfeit unspent rewards.
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