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Walmart Credit Card
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Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Purchases: 23.40%
Minimum Interest: $1.00

Promotional Finance Offers Available

Zero percent interest
Duration varies by offer: can be for up to 6, 12, 18, or 24 Months
Offer usually requires a minimum purchase amount of at least $150.

Credit Card Fees

No Annual fee
Up to $37.00 fee for a late payment

Sign-up Bonus and Benefits

10% off purchases on approval day capped at $25 for $250 spent. Rebate is applied as a statement credit.
  • 3% on all purchases
  • 2% on gas purchases at Walmart and Murphy USA stations
  • 1% on purchases made elsewhere
  • Rewards are given as a statement credit the following statement they were earned
  • If an account is past due, you will not receive your reward until the account is put back in good standing
  • If an account is two payments past due, rewards will not be issued, and you cannot gain rewards until the account is back in good standing


Apply Online
Card Issuer: Synchrony Bank
Where Can I Spend with This Credit Card? Only at Walmart, Murphy USA, and Sam's Club locations.
Online Bill Payment



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