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eBay Extras MasterCard
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The eBay Extras MasterCard compliments the most avid eBay shopper.
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Steven Merkel Reviewed by Steven Merkel October 21, 2016
Last updated: July 01, 2017
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The eBay Extras MasterCard compliments the most avid eBay shopper.

Do You Recommend This Credit Card?

After calculating this card's benefits, fees, and interest rate; I'd say this is an average rewards credit card. The different redemption options helps separate it from other cards. If you love shopping on eBay, and are looking for a card that offers many options to spend your points on this card might be right for you.
Who Will Get the Most Out of This Credit Card
The avid eBay shopper that will use this card for their eBay, gas, and restaurant purchases unless you already own a better gas rewards card.

Is The Interest Rate Competitive

The MasterCard's interest rate is a tad on the costly side, but remains within an acceptable range as far as reward credit cards are concerned. I did give the APR a 2.5 out of 5 rating simply because I know most applicants will be approved for the higher rate at 24.74%.

How Do You Like the Rewards

The amount of points you gain on purchases is near the average for this type of credit card. Oddly enough you don't earn the most points per dollar spent on eBay purchases; in fact the most points a card member earns is 3 per dollar spent on gas and restaurant charges, whereas the aforementioned purchases will net you 2 points per dollar spent.

One of the better features of this card is the variety of rewards account holders can redeem their points for. You can choose from an easy $50 deposit into your PayPal account, gift cards to your favorite stores, airline tickets to faraway places, hotels, and vacations. Airline tickets, hotel reservations, and vacation packages are reserved through Loyalty Travel Services. You may check the available redemption options online through or by calling 866-300-6432.

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