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Amazon Store Card Credit Builder
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This card is aimed at the next generation of Amazon fanbois.
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Steven Merkel Reviewed by Steven Merkel June 11, 2019
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This card is aimed at the next generation of Amazon fanbois.

Do You Recommend This Credit Card?

I do not recommend secure credit cards their are wiser ways to build your credit. If by some chance you apply for the Amazon Store card, are declined, and only want to shop at Amazon the Credit Builder card might be for you.
This credit card is geared towards a younger audience that doesn't have a credit history, and towards Prime members that are trying to rebuild their tattered credit.

Is The Interest Rate Competitive

The interest rate is too high for a secured credit card. The Amazon Credit Builder's interest rate is at least 3% higher than other national brand secured cards. If you are looking for a secured card with a low interest rate you would be better off getting a Green Dot card with a 9.99% rate.

How Do You Like the Rewards

The rewards program is open only for Prime members, which gives them 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases. The question becomes, is it worth it to you to pay $119 a year for 5% cashback plus the other perks for Prime membership?
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