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Review Format Update

Section of ReviewDescription
APR/Fees List the card's current APR (annual percentage rate) and other fees, comparing it to similar cards in the same category
Rewards/Benefits List the rewards and/or bonuses associated with the card
Who This Card Is For We match the customer's needs with the right card, providing our expert opinion on who would benefit most from it
Overall Recommendation We give our final word about the card, answering the questions; “is it worth applying for” or “should I keep looking?”


Our main reason for updating the format is to bring uniformity to all the reviews, which will make it easier to for readers to compare different aspects of each credit card, and it will make it easier for us to objectively compare the differences between each card.

Changing all the reviews to the new format will take us a couple of weeks to process.

Other Changes of Note:

  • We've added an about page, that includes our mission statement and gives visitors a brief history of the site.
  • Updated the favicon to match the new logo.
  • Added @CreditCardAssociate twitter feed.
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