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The Addition of Citations

In an attempt to foster the spread of knowledge, we will be introducing citations to each of our articles and reviews in the next couple of weeks. We believe that this will not only offer our visitors a greater connectivity with other online resources, but also demonstrate how to use them.

We will be using a citation format similar to that of which Wikipedia uses for many of their pages. If you see a word with a number in superscript next to it, you may click on the number to be directed to the citations' section of the page in your browser.

There you will find a list with our very own sources and links to follow along.

Citation Format

Number. ^ Author, (Date Written). "Title & Link". Copyright Holder. Date Retrieved.

The addition of citations will prove our creditability, so our visitors can take comfort in the fact that they know what we publish is based on the facts alone, and is not persuaded by credit card offers.

Other Updates

We will be instituting a new feature to our dictionary; a new directory at the top of the page that will allow visitors to click on a letter and go directly to that letter, thereby making it easier to navigate. This will aid people who dislike having to scroll all the way down the page to search for the word. As always,you may also use the search function (CTRL-F) and type in the word you are looking for.

We are continuing to edit our reviews with the new format.

How we will implement our visitor reviews is still under discussion, but this feature will be added as soon as possible.

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