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A Look Back on My First Year on Twitter

When 2013 began, I set a goal of learning how to use Twitter and gain a better understanding of how the social website works. I started with a simple premise of making at least one tweet or retweet a day, every weekday. I was a total novice, and I first created the account for @CreditCardAssoc in late 2011. I made a couple of tweets, but left it dormant for a year before I figured out how it could be useful for my website.

At first I focused on following credit card issuer's, banks, and news outlets. I then proceeded to retweet their card offers, news, and reward program updates.  I thought this would be a good step towards keeping the home website current with the tweets scrolling on the sidebar of every page. I slowly gained followers by doing the aforementioned, but as I followed more people and businesses I noticed that some would hold weekly chats.

Twitter Chats

I found that participating in twitter chats was an excellent way to find new people that had the same interests. Some of my chat tweets were even retweeted and favorited, which was a first for me.  After participating in a couple chats I was able to open up a dialog with like-minded individuals, which lead to one of them mentioning my website in an article on their site.


I am no expert, but I have learned a couple things that I believe are important for any social user to know; for instance, one should always link to the original source and share popular stories. Linking to the original source will add credibility to your profile and people will see that you are an honest user. Sharing popular stories is a good method to attach yourself to such stories; these can include popular hashtags, trending topics, and viral news.

Future Goals

  • Increase activity, tweeting more often and engaging in more chats and dialogs.
  • Customize Twitter background page
  • Upload more images for tweets
  • Look into lists and how to utilize them
  • Start my own weekly chat

After spending more than a year on Twitter, I have a much better grasp of how to use their site to write tweets that attract followers and am generally having a good time interacting with and meeting new people that I may work with in the future. Keeping that in mind, I look forward to what the next year will bring and I have several goals already in progress.

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