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New Blogging Features

​Much of 2015 was spent looking for and updating the blog section of the website. There were two key features I wanted to ensure the new blog component could handle. First it needed to include a biography section in a post, and second I wanted to be able to give registered website users a chance to post their own blog entries.

If At First You Don't Succeed

At first I tried going the inexpensive route by buying and installing a cheap $29 Joomla component from Joomplace. I was initially impressed with it's front-end demo and the design of the biography area.  After I installed Joomblog, I was immediately dismayed by the unprofessional back end interface and lack of customer support. I had a simple question about importing articles that went unanswered by their support until 2 days later. After struggling to setup the blog's front end I decided to throw in the towel and look for a better solution.

​There Can Be Only One

​I was intrigued by StackIdeas EasyBlog's clean front end and it's list of features that included a biography and the potential for team blogging. Although a bit more expensive at $89, I believe it is well worth the price. I did purchase it during one of their many sales throughout the year.

I am very happy with EasyBlog, it is the complete package for anyone looking to add blogging to their Joomla website. 

  • The support is fantastic after you realize their might be a huge timezone difference.
  • The software license last a full year for support and updates.
  • The back end has many features for creating a team blog.

The blog post composer takes a little getting used to, but it is very flexible and once you understand how to utilize it, it is very easy to add images, videos, and other media to your post.

Looking Towards The Future

It took me a while to configure the settings to where I wanted them to be, and I haven't implemented users being able to create posts yet. That should be sorted out soon. I am looking forward to adding new posts with this powerful software.

My next big project will be implementing a forum for the website.

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