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Small Business Credit Card

If you are starting or are currently running a small business you will probably need a line of credit. You can apply for loans at your bank, but if you are turned down you might need a small business credit card. is here to help. We provide you with reviews of several small business credit cards to help you find a card that fits your budget and expectations. Finding a good small business credit card should be a high priority, because it can save you and your business money, you can receive special rewards, and it is easier to keep track of your company's expenses.

Getting a small business credit card can save you money if you are using a personal credit card for your business expenses. Many cards offer a lower APR than personal credit cards, and if you have a good credit record you can receive an even lower APR.

Some special features include: free cards for employees with a credit limit you can set, cash back on business purchases, discounts on products and services, lost luggage insurance, auto rental insurance, personalized business checks. Please note that not every card has these incentives.

A small business credit card makes it easier to keep track of your business expenses. If you are using a personal credit card it can be difficult to keep your personal and business expenses separate. Some cards even send you a quarterly statement. This really comes in handy during tax time.