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How to Write a Check

First I will explain the parts on the check. In the top left corner is the name on the account holder and their address. On the top right corner is the check number. There are four lines in the middle of the check. The top right line is for the date. You write the date that the check was written on. The next line you write to who the check is for, a person’s name or the name of the company. The box to the right is where you put the amount you wish to pay.

Make sure you start the number on the left side of the box so no one can add an extra number to it. The next line you write out the number you put in the box. Let’s say the amount is $165.32. You would write one hundred sixty five and 32/100 ---------. The reason for the squiggle line is so no one can add more to the check. You always write the dollar amount first and then the cents as a fraction over 100.

The memo part is usually left blank unless you are paying for a bill in-which case you should place your account number on the memo line. The last line on the right is for your signature. You must sign your name, or the check cannot be cashed.

After you have written the check make sure you put it in your records and deduct the amount from your checkbook.